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We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients to make a difference.

While we are based in Dunedin, we deal with clients from all over NZ and overseas. We are used to communicating with our clients over email, phone calls, Zoom, FaceTime and other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Line.

We have been successful in dealing with cases where other immigration lawyers or advisors have failed, especially when responding to PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letters in relation to character and credibility matters.

Our language capabilities mean we have an advantage in understanding issues relating to translations and how often that becomes a problem in immigration interviews. We are used to dealing with cultural differences and understand how to explain those differences to immigration officers.

The NZ immigration system and rules change all the time. Rest assured we are up-to-date with the latest changes. There is a lot at stake when you emigrate to a new country. Specialised advice is important in that process.

We dealt with many usual scenarios, but often unusual and challenging ones also. Below are some examples:

Partnership Work Visa or Visitor Visa

  1. Partners who have met online and wanted to come to NZ to further their relationship.
  2. Providing evidence in challenging situations for partners who had not made their relationship public for religious, sexuality, or other reasons which may compromise their safety.
  3. Where the previous immigration advisor had given wrong advice e.g. for the partner to apply as a single person.
  4. Partners who have overstayed their visas.

See below testimonial from our clients.

Teresa and her assistant Agnes demonstrated their professionalism and efficiency when I applied for a partnership-based work visa. They turned the tide and got me a work visa when I was almost desperate. They provided very valuable help for my visa application in a period of only one month. If it were not for their dedicated work, my visa would not be so smooth, because I had applied for the visa for one year and had encountered a lot of complicated problems before they helped me. I would recommend their company to anyone, because they are really honest and reliable.

2 September 2020

- Q Gong

Section 61 Requests

  1. Section 61 requests are made to Immigration NZ if you overstay your visa. Through our experience we appreciate how important credibility is in Section 61 requests, especially how a person becomes an overstayer. As lawyers we understand evidence and how to build credibility.

See below testimonial from our clients.

My husband and I required immediate assistance with our visa application, seen my husband was facing deportation. Confused, stressed and fearful, we reached out for help. Teresa Chan Law answered our plea, and took the time to hear our story.

We were introduced to Max, an associate of Teresa Chan Law who took care of us every step of the way. Attentive, professional and understanding of our circumstances we knew we were in the right hands.

Our section 61 Visa was granted, and we continue to work with Teresa Chan Law today regarding our Residence Visa.

We highly recommend contacting Teresa Chan Law if your seeking help with your Visa requirements. Best decision we have made to date.

3 July 2022

- S & E Saeidi

Waivers/Minister’s Discretion

  1. Waivers are required if you do not meet the requirements of age, character, or health under the standard immigration rules. We have acted in all different waiver categories. Each case has its own circumstances. We analyse the circumstances and use our experience to build a strong and credible case for you.
  2. Minster’s Discretion: We seek the Minister’s discretion when your circumstances are unusual or are of a humanitarian nature, and are exceptional in some way. We will identify the circumstances and evidence which will present the best case for you.

See below testimonial from our clients.

The chances of us gaining residency were slim due to our ages; we were both well over 55. But thanks to Teresa Chan's guidance, assistance and letter to the ministry on our behalf, we obtained an age exception to apply for residency, which we were later granted.

Keep in mind a lot of work is involved. We were required to write a personal statement, supply letters of recommendation, fill out immigration forms, and do a lot of waiting, but having access to the legal knowledge and feedback of a lawyer was indispensable. If you are considering applying for residency, the process will be made much easier with a lawyer such as Ms. Chan.

Thank you

16 August 2019

- V Alba & L Autio

Work Visas

  1. We have acted in the following different types of work visas:
    • Partnership work visas;
    • Post-study work visas;
    • Working Holiday work visas;
    • Previously Essential Skills work visas, now Accredited Employer work visas;
    • Specific Purpose work visas; and
    • Religious Worker work visa.
  2. We have advised migrant workers in relation to the assessment of their formal qualifications and work experience.
  3. We have provided strategic advice to employers to meet immigration requirements in relation to the
    • proposed employment agreement;
    • job description;
    • job listing advertisement; and
    • remuneration rules.
  4. We have also advised joint venture partners of NZ companies to bring their staff to NZ from overseas.

See below testimonial from our clients

"Alliance Group Ltd Mataura engaged Teresa Chan Law to complete work visa applications for the beef boners we had sourced from our joint venture partner in China for the last couple of years.

In each case, the Firm had turned around the applications very quickly after the personal employment information was provided to them. Teresa also liaised with her contacts at the relevant Immigration Office in China to enable the applications to be lodged in a seamless manner. Her team paid good attention to detail and worked well with our contacts in China.

Through the efficient and good work of the Firm, we were able to maximise the time spent by the Chinese boners in New Zealand.

Teresa also offered to provide community support for the Chinese boners while they were here.

I am very happy to recommend the Firm's services."

2 May 2017

- Ricky Gutsell, Alliance Group Limited

Pathways to residency

We have advised many residency applications based on:

  1. Partnership;
  2. Family of NZ Resident/Citizen including parents and dependent child;
  3. Work towards residency, including
    • Accredited Employers.
    • Applicants previously on the Long-Term Skill Shortage list, now the Green List Occupations;
    • NZ graduates;

      See below testimonial from our clients

      "I approached Teresa for advice after the application for my parents’ NZ residency application had been declined. It was a true pleasure appointing Teresa as our lawyer. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, very generous with her time, and always available to answer all our questions swiftly. From the very first contact with her to our case being successfully processed, we knew we were in safe and excellent hands. Teresa is not only exceptional in her profession, she is also accommodating, warm and caring. I was very much impressed and grateful for her integral help on our application. Thank you so much Teresa!"

      2 May 2017

      - Maggie Chu
  4. Skilled Migrant Category
    • We have acted for many applicants who applied for residency under this category. We provided advice in getting job classification and description, relevant work experience, and English requirements.
  5. Investor Categories
    • We have provided advice for applicants in this category, including investment requirements, experience, source of funds, and level of funds as well as transfer of funds requirements.

      See below testimonial from our client.

      "Teresa is one the most sincere and genuine lawyers we have had the pleasure to work with. We have approached a number of unsuccessful advisors before Teresa and was met with disappointing results. Teresa and her team explained concisely from the beginning and was ever so patient in assisting us on the documents that needed to be prepared. We have been in the process of preparing our residency application for years before we approached Teresa, but with her support we now feel confident about our submission. We are very satisfied with her service and would highly recommend her expertise to fellow migrants."

      2 May 2017

      - N Chan
  6. Business/Entrepreneur
    • We have provided advice on the types of business which would qualify and have worked with business and accounting professionals to put together realistic business plans.
  7. Resident 2021 visa
    • Applicants under the Settled or Scarce categories.

      See below testimonial from our clients.

      My partner and I and our baby girl applied for our Resident 2021 Visa through Teresa’s firm. Although I heard this one-off visa is easy to apply and could be handled by the applicants themselves, I chose to work with Teresa and her team. This is because they demonstrated great knowledge and consideration when they handled our Expression of Interest for Residency under the Skilled Migrant Category earlier. In addition, there were unknowns in the Resident 2021 Visa application process for which we preferred to have professional advice.

      Turned out this is the best decision I made. We got our Approval in Principle letter within two months. I had expected the whole process to take six months or longer. Their expertise was essential to make this happen, because all the paperwork and steps were done properly.

      I have already recommended them to my friends who are seeking immigration advice. I look forward to working with them again.

      10 May 2022

      - Y Li


  1. We have provided advice to clients who have been served a Deportation Liability Notice. We advise clients on how to deal with the process and their rights of appeal.
  2. We have also provided advice on deportation liability arising from criminal convictions or on character grounds.
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