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Recovery Visa – Fast Track to Recruit Migrant Workers

DATE: Thursday 2 March 2023
KEYWORDS: Recovery Visa, fast-track work visa, Specific Purpose Work Visa

Requiring employers to be accredited has been an obstacle for migrant workers to obtain employment in New Zealand. The Recovery Visa could be the silver bullet which enables migrant workers to to obtain employment in New Zealand in the critical infrastructure and building areas.

Accredited Employer Work Visa - Green List Occupation

DATE: Wednesday 17 August 2022
KEYWORDS: Accredited Employer Work Visa, Green List, Occupation, Residence, Straight to Residence, Tier 1, Work to Residence, Tier 2, Skill Shortage, Highly Paid Residence, Talent Accredited, Qualification

Immigration NZ introduced the Green List occupations with allows for fast-track pathways to residency for non-resident workers. Find out what you will need to apply.

Accredited Employer Work Visa - Step 1: Employer Accreditation for Employers

DATE: Tuesday 9 August 2022
KEYWORDS: Immigration, employer, accreditation, work visa, standard accreditation, high volume accreditation, declarations.

Employers will need to be accredited under the new Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme. These changes will expand to other work visa categories in the near future. Find out what your responsibilities are as an accredited employer.

Accredited Employer Work Visa - Step 2: Job Check Application by the Employer

DATE: Tuesday 9 August 2022
KEYWORDS: Immigration, employment, accreditation, job check, median wage, labour market test, job advert, remuneration, threshold, travel, accommodation, recruit.

The Accredited Employer Work visa scheme requires employer to submit an application to check that the proposed employment offered to a non-resident worker will meet employment and immigration standards. There are far reaching implications on both employer and employee. Find out how you can pass the job check application.

How to make a will during the Covid-19 pandemic

DATE: Thursday 24 February 2022
KEYWORDS: Wills, COVID-19, remote witnessing, estates.

Despite the current restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, will-makers can make a valid will by (Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc). The Government temporarily modified laws so everyone can comply with the legal requirements of making a will in New Zealand. This means you do not need to be in the same room as your lawyer to make a valid will.

What to consider before applying for the 2021 Resident Visa.

DATE: Friday 4 February 2022
KEYWORDS: Immigration, 2021 Resident visa, 2021 Interim visa, Specific Purpose Work visa, General Interim visa, Employment.

If you are thinking of applying for the 2021 Resident Visa, you may wish to consider applying for a new temporary visa. Here is why

Can I require my employees to be vaccinated? (Part 2)

DATE: Thursday 7 October 2021
KEYWORDS: Covid-19, vaccination, public health, employment, privacy, health and safety, policy

What are the factors for risk assessment when deciding this?

Can I require my employees to be vaccinated?

DATE: Thursday 9 September 2021
KEYWORDS: Covid-19, vaccination, public health, employment, privacy, health and safety, policy

We answer this question, and consider its employment, health and safety and privacy implications.

Vendor Warranties When Buying a Business

DATE: Tuesday 7 September 2021
KEYWORDS: Turnover, business purchase, requisitions, due diligence

Understanding vendor warranties will protect your interest when purchasing a business

Goodwill and its Valuation

DATE: Monday 6 September 2021
KEYWORDS: Goodwill, valuation, restraint of trade, transfer of goodwill

Understanding what goodwill is will give you leverage in negotiating any business purchase.

Last Opportunity for Non-English Speakers to obtain Skilled Migration in NZ

DATE: Wednesday 19 May 2021
KEYWORDS: English test, Work to Residence, Pathways to residence

Consider these pathways for non-English speakers to obtain skilled migration in NZ.

Cyber Security – Top Tips

DATE: Tuesday 18 May 2021
KEYWORDS: Cybersecurity, social media security, online security

Check out these top tips for cybersecurity 101

How do you Access Cash from your Property Without Selling?

DATE: Tuesday 18 May 2021
KEYWORDS: reverse mortgage

With increase in property prices, you may wish to consider access the equity in your home. If you are at or past retirement age, a reverse mortgage could be an option.

Residential Tenancies Reforms - Second Stage Has Come Into Force

DATE: Tuesday 18 May 2021
KEYWORDS: Residential Tenancies reform, terminate periodic tenancies, rent increase, name suppression, tenants’ privacy

What are the important changes for Landlords under the latest Residential Tenancies Reform?

How do you bring critical workers into NZ?

DATE: Tuesday 9 March 2021
KEYWORDS: Critical workers, entry to NZ, critical purpose work visa, request for critical worker exception.

We have been looking into the question of getting into New Zealand long term critical workers for a company client. I am mindful that there may be some misunderstanding as to how the process works.

Do you still need a Trust after February 2021?

DATE: Monday 19 October 2020
KEYWORDS: Trusts Act, professional trustees, asset testing, rest home subsidy and trusts

The new Trusts Act will impose new obligations on professional trustees. This will lead many to reconsider whether it is worthwhile to continue having a professional trustee, or even having a trust.

What does the new Trusts Act mean for you?

DATE: Friday 11 September 2020
KEYWORDS: Trusts Act 2019, new Trusts Act, beneficiaries’ right to information, investment duty, limitation of liability, incapacitated trustees

The Trusts Act 2019 will come into force on 30 January 2021. A new set of rules will apply to all Trusts and Estates.
Here are some of the implications.

Which Non-Residents may apply to come to New Zealand despite Border Closures?

DATE: Thursday 23 July 2020
KEYWORDS: border exceptions

This article summarises the main criteria for border exceptions in July 2020

Change to Overseas Investment Act Due to Covid-19 – What You Need to Know

DATE: Monday 8 June 2020
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment, Covid 19, national interest, strategic assets

What is in New Zealand’s national interest? Here are the urgent measures which became law after Covid 19 in order to protect our national interest.

COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund – Information for Businesses

DATE: Tuesday 5 May 2020
KEYWORDS: COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund, Regional Business Partner

Can you get funding for business advice to help you work through Covid 19?

Relaxing Visa Conditions - Immigration NZ, Settlement ACTIONNZ

DATE: Thursday 16 April 2020
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Alert Level, Visa,

Planning for the next phase

Is my Will up to Date?

DATE: Thursday 9 April 2020
KEYWORDS: Wills, will signing, witnessing wills

Why is it important to have an up to date will? How do I get a will signed?

Understanding Covid-19 Wage Subsidy

DATE: Wednesday 8 April 2020
KEYWORDS: Wage Subsidy, Employer’s obligations, Essential Workers Leave Scheme.

We summarise the wage subsidy scheme and the Essential Workers Leave Scheme and answer some of your questions.

Understanding Covid-19 Wage Subsidy

DATE: Wednesday 8 April 2020
KEYWORDS: Wage Subsidy, Employer’s obligations, Essential Workers Leave Scheme.

We summarise the wage subsidy scheme and the Essential Workers Leave Scheme and answer some of your questions.

Short Window to Residency

DATE: Thursday 20 February 2020
KEYWORDS: WTR, Long Term Skill Short List Work Visa

A window for pathway to New Zealand residency: Work to Residency (“WTR”), Long Term Skill Short List Work Visa

Click the link to this Newsroom Article - Tracking Overseas Investment in Rural Land

DATE: Wednesday 18 December 2019
KEYWORDS: Overseas investment, rural land, overseas buyers, farm land

With changes to overseas investment legislation on the horizon again, Bell Gully special counsel Glenn Shewan and partner Andrew Petersen examine what has happened to investment in rural land under the current rules and what may change with the latest proposals.

How will the changes in the latest real estate sale agreement affect you?

DATE: Thursday 12 December 2019
KEYWORDS: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate, property agreement, property purchases

Here are the changes in the standard Sale Agreement which Affected Purchasers

Work Visa Changes - Detailed Implications for Employers

DATE: Wednesday 11 December 2019
KEYWORDS: Work Visa changes, Work to Residency, Labour Market Test, Partners of Workers, Accreditation Fees

Here is our analysis of what the changes will really mean for employers

Immigration to New Zealand: We really know How

DATE: Tuesday 29 October 2019
KEYWORDS: Immigration New Zealand, New Zealand Residency, Pathways, Skill, Investor, Business

What are the most likely pathways to Residency in New Zealand?

Welcome to the 2019 Cohort of the University of Otago DBA Programme

DATE: Thursday 24 October 2019
KEYWORDS: DBA students University

Hosted by Dunedin Shanghai Association and Dunedin Chinese Garden Trust on 24 October 2019.

Work Visa Changes - How will they Affect You? Part 1: For Employers

DATE: Thursday 10 October 2019
KEYWORDS: Employer Check, Employer Accreditation

If you are an Employer employing foreign workers, you should read this.

Work Visa Changes - How will they Affect You? Part 2: Job Check

DATE: Tuesday 8 October 2019
KEYWORDS: Job Check, Sector Agreements, Regionalised labour market, hospitality, meat industry, dairy industry, tourism

If you are an Employer, you should understand how the new Job Check system will apply

Work Visa Changes - How will they Affect You? Part 3: Worker Check

DATE: Tuesday 8 October 2019
KEYWORDS: Worker Check, Change of Employers, 12 month Stand-down

If you are a migrant worker, you should read this

I hold a NZ Residence Visa. I am moving back to NZ. Can I buy a home in NZ?

DATE: Tuesday 10 September 2019
KEYWORDS: OIO, consent, trigger event,

What are your options for buying a property in NZ?

Disappearing students: How NZ is wasting opportunities with our Chinese graduates

DATE: Wednesday 4 September 2019

Article by John Gerritsen on the RNZ website

Foreign Investment in China’s Changing Landscape

DATE: Friday 23 August 2019

Ye Miao, head of the Asia Team at James & Wells talks to Tim McCready about the foreign investment law passed recently in China.

Good Record Keeping will save Employers Lots of money

DATE: Thursday 8 August 2019
KEYWORDS: Employers, Record Keeping, Payroll

Q. What is a good way of dealing with difficult employees without involving lawyers? A. Start off with a good payroll and record keeping system.

Promoting Dunedin as a Tourist Destination to Chinese Tourists

DATE: Wednesday 31 July 2019
KEYWORDS: promote, Chinese Tourists,

Competition Launched - Read More to access links

When are you liable as a guarantor?

DATE: Thursday 25 July 2019
KEYWORDS: Guarantee, liability, leases

Will a guarantor be liable under a lease if a formal Deed of Lease is not entered into?

Can I have one Will dealing with assets in different countries?

DATE: Thursday 11 July 2019
KEYWORDS: Assets in more than one country, Wills

Do you need more than one will if you have assets in more than one country?

WHAT IS IN A NAME? - Crusaders & Huawei

DATE: Tuesday 28 May 2019
KEYWORDS: Crusaders, Huawei, branding, cultural difference, Chinese name

Names may have meanings created or imposed by history, or they may have meanings created by us. A name may be perceived vastly different in China as compared to the West.

When do you need a Relationship Property Agreement?

DATE: Friday 24 May 2019
KEYWORDS: Relationship property agreement, Contracting Out, Settlement Agreement

Here are the basics of a Relationship Property Agreement

Difference between Immigration Lawyer and Immigration Consultant

DATE: Thursday 16 May 2019
KEYWORDS: Difference, Immigration lawyer, immigration consultant

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and immigration consultant?

Government proposed a new regime for Work Visas

DATE: Friday 26 April 2019
KEYWORDS: Employer-gate Job-gate Migrant-gate work visa migrant ANZSCO employer pathway

The Government is considering feedback for a new regime for dealing with works visas so as to simplify the immigration system by reducing the number of pathways for the work visas.

Can you rely on a Vendor’s assurance or do you need to investigate?

DATE: Monday 25 March 2019
KEYWORDS: vendor purchaser warranty warranties due diligence

Sale and purchases - how much can you rely on a vendor’s warranties?

Sending Love to the Lonely at Christmas

DATE: Monday 10 December 2018
KEYWORDS: Sending Love Christmas

Give a little this Christmas

Dunedin By Night

DATE: Sunday 11 November 2018

Enjoy this little gem- Teresa Chan

Partnership Visa - How to apply for

DATE: Wednesday 7 November 2018
KEYWORDS: Partnership visa applications

How do I apply for a partnership visa?

Q&A with Dunedin Host

DATE: Wednesday 31 October 2018
KEYWORDS: Chinese, visitor, tourism

The Dunedin Shanghai Association (DSA) presented a Q&A session to DunedinHOST and DSA members on 31 October 2018.


DATE: Tuesday 30 October 2018
KEYWORDS: women's suffrage, suffrage celebrations, 125th anniversary

Teresa Chan is one of the 125 women to feature in a new Otago Museum Exhibition this November

Overseas Investment Changes- Who can buy residential properties in NZ?

DATE: Thursday 11 October 2018
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment Office, OIO, Overseas Amendment Act 2018, NZ residents, citizen

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has finally released details of how they will apply the Overseas Amendment Act 2018.

Overseas Investment Changes- Who can buy residential properties in NZ?
Diagram Source: Overseas Investment Office, NZ Law Society webinar – Changes that Affect Every Conveyancer – Overseas Inve
Read more

Overseas Investment Changes- What Real Estate Agents need to know

DATE: Thursday 11 October 2018

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has finally released details of how they will apply the Overseas Amendment Act 2018.

Family Home and Relationship Property Claims

DATE: Monday 8 October 2018
KEYWORDS: Family Home, Relationship Property Claims

If my house is in my name, will it be safe from relationship property claims?

Values should lead actions in Business

DATE: Monday 3 September 2018
KEYWORDS: Commissioner, sustainability, Southern District Health Board, patients, clinicians

Talk by Kathy Grant, Southern District Health Board Commissioner, to the Institute of Directors

New exemptions available for Overseas Investors to buy residential properties

DATE: Friday 24 August 2018
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment, Overseas Buyers, Residential properties, Investment

The wide window for Overseas Buyers to buy Residential Properties in NZ will narrow significantly after October 2018. However, the latest amendments introduced some new exemptions.

Asia Awareness - Is New Zealand There Yet?

DATE: Tuesday 17 July 2018
KEYWORDS: Asia, Asia NZ Foundation, future

Simon Draper, the Director of the Asia NZ Foundation, gave a very stimulating talk examining how unaware young New Zealander’s are of Asia’s importance to New Zealand’s future.

What you need to consider when buying into a franchise

DATE: Wednesday 4 July 2018
KEYWORDS: franchisor, franchisee, franchise agreement

Buying into a franchise is a good way to enter into business, but here are some things you should consider before you do.

Institute of Directors function at TracPlus Global

DATE: Tuesday 22 May 2018

Site Visit to TracPlus Global

Foreigners Buying Residential Properties in New Zealand - Update

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: foreign buyer residential properties in New Zealand

Overseas Investment Amendment Bill - Amendment to "sensitive land"

New Residents - Pathways to Overseas Investment Consent

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: foreign buyer residential properties in New Zealand consent new residents

What pathways will qualify you to be granted Overseas Investment Consent?

Immigration and Employment Laws

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: employment agreement overseas worker employer employee

The importance of ensuring compliance with employment laws to support employees towards a pathway to residency

Sexual Harassment at Work and in Law

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: sexual harassment law work power

Time for a change in culture in the legal profession

iD Fashion Show 2018

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: iD Fashion Emerging Designers Award 2018

iD Fashion Emerging Designers Awards

Arrowtown Chinese Settlement Launch

DATE: Monday 21 May 2018
KEYWORDS: D.O.C. Department of Conservation Arrowtown Chinese

The Arrowtown Chinese Settlement has officially been given national landmark status

Can you do any work under a Visitor’s Visa?

DATE: Wednesday 7 March 2018
KEYWORDS: work visa, visitor, business visitor,

On a Visitor Visa you are not allowed to work during your visit - what constitutes "work"?

Talk at BNZ Connect - Blis Technology

DATE: Tuesday 5 December 2017

Brian Watson of BLIS Technologies at BNZ Connect

Xero is leaving, but don’t count out the NZX

DATE: Tuesday 28 November 2017
KEYWORDS: Xero, Stock Exchange, NZX

Interesting Article by Mark Hattersley in The Spinoff

Welcome Dinner Vice Mayor of Shanghai

DATE: Wednesday 15 November 2017

Teresa attended the Welcome dinner for the Vice Mayor of Shanghai on 15 November in her capacity as Chair of Dunedin Shanghai Association (hosted by the Dunedin City Council).

Will Foreign Buyers be able to buy residential properties in New Zealand?

DATE: Tuesday 14 November 2017
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment Act, dwellings, resident, citizen, Overseas Person

What will the new changes to the Overseas Investment Act mean for foreign buyers?

Dunedin Networking Lunch

DATE: Wednesday 8 November 2017

A networking lunch was held on 8 November with representatives from DCC, Enterprise Dunedin, Sister Cities NZ, Chamber of Commerce, Dunedin Shanghai Association, Dunedin Otaru Association and Dunedin Edinburgh Association.

Dunedin Networking Lunch
J Corbett.
Read more

Dunedin Shanghai Association AGM

DATE: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Dean Hamilton of SIlver Fern Farms was Guest Speaker at our AGM this year

Recent Cases Which Affect Your Rights as a Landlord

DATE: Friday 13 October 2017
KEYWORDS: Tenancy law; Osaki; Inglis

If you own a residential property which is rented, you should be aware of the following cases which came out in the last year or so. They were very favourable to the Tenant.

Dunedin August Moon Celebrations

DATE: Sunday 1 October 2017
KEYWORDS: New Consul General Zhijian Wang

New Consul General and August Moon Celebration

Welcome Lunch at Toitu for the New Chinese Consul General

DATE: Sunday 1 October 2017

Welcome to the New Chinese Consul General

Talk to Citizens Advice Bureau- Chai & Chat group

DATE: Friday 15 September 2017

Queries, Questions, and Friendship with Dunedin's Immigrants

Ethel Benjamin Memorial Commemorative Lecture

DATE: Friday 8 September 2017
KEYWORDS: Ethel Benjamin, Nicola Peart, inheritance

Professor Nicola Peart's enlightening summary of the laws in the area of death, inheritance, and relationship property

Yunnan Provincial Academy of Science and Technology and the University of Otago

DATE: Thursday 31 August 2017
KEYWORDS: Yunnan Provincial Academy of Science and Technology

Meeting to discuss cooperation between the Yunnan Provincial Academy of Science and Technology and the University of Otago

NZ China Friendship Society - Belt and Road Initiative

DATE: Wednesday 30 August 2017
KEYWORDS: belt and road initiative, NZ China Friendship Society

Professor Brian Moloughney gave a talk on the Belt and Road Initiative

Talk by Antony Deaker of Enterprise Dunedin

DATE: Monday 28 August 2017
KEYWORDS: Dunedin, arts, culture, film

Furthering Arts and Culture in Dunedin


DATE: Thursday 24 August 2017
KEYWORDS: Otago Property Investors Association, valuing rental properties

Valuing Rental Properties

Belt and Road Initiative

DATE: Thursday 17 August 2017
KEYWORDS: belt and road, free trade,

An initiative fostering economic development and co-operation with over 60 countries and regions

Job Description Critical for Work Visa and Residency Applications

DATE: Tuesday 15 August 2017
KEYWORDS: job description, Immigration, employee visa

Not having the correct job description for an overseas employee can affect employers and employees credibility to Immigration NZ

How we can help you with Immigration Issues

DATE: Wednesday 9 August 2017

Podcast - Settlement Information with Citizen's Advice Bureau Podcast featuring Teresa Chan as Guest Speaker giving information of special interest to new migrants to Dunedin.

B2M Business Insights: Two interviews about China

DATE: Tuesday 8 August 2017

Two interviews on Otago Access Radio: "Understanding and Interacting with Chinese Entrepreneurs" and "Opportunities of NZ In China's "New Normal""

Trading with China Talk – Ngāi Tahu

DATE: Wednesday 26 July 2017
KEYWORDS: Chinese market Pounamu Ngāi Tahu

The Dunedin Shanghai Association and the Chamber of Commerce hosted Lisa Tumahai, Chair of Ngāi Tahu, and Quinton Hall, Chief Executive of Ngāi Tahu Tourism as part of the DSA's Trading with China series

Trading with China Talk – Ngāi Tahu
Quinton Hall, Lisa Tumahai, and Teresa Chan
Read more

Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council (DMEC) AGM

DATE: Monday 10 July 2017
KEYWORDS: Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council, Dunedin community garden

The Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council (DMEC) supporting new migrants

Talk on South Island Contribution Visa

DATE: Thursday 6 July 2017
KEYWORDS: South Island Contribution Visa, Recent Work Visa Changes

Teresa gave a talk regarding upcoming Immigration changes

Dunedin Shanghai Association (DSA) working with Otago Business School

DATE: Wednesday 5 July 2017
KEYWORDS: Otago Business School

Further opportunities for DSA and Otago Business School

Health and Safety for Landlords

DATE: Thursday 29 June 2017
KEYWORDS: Health and safety, landlord’s liability

Minimising risk to tenants and tradespeople

2017 Trip to Shanghai with Dunedin City Delegation

DATE: Thursday 1 June 2017
KEYWORDS: Dunedin, Shanghai, Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association, Dacheng Law

The Dunedin Shanghai Association were part of the recent visit by the Dunedin City's Delegation to Shanghai

2017 Trip to Shanghai with Dunedin City Delegation
Dunedin City Delegation
Read more

South Island Contribution Visa

DATE: Tuesday 23 May 2017
KEYWORDS: South Island Contribution Visa, Essential Skills Work Visa, Insufficient English, Residence, lower-skilled occupation.

You may be eligible for a one-off pathway to residency if you are a migrant worker who has been living in the South Island for more than 5 years

Buying a Property in NZ? Get Experienced Legal Advice

DATE: Monday 19 September 2016
KEYWORDS: property, legal, advice, buyer-beware, lawyer, overseas

Buyer-beware is the fundamental principle for buying a property in NZ .

When does a Director “live in New Zealand”?

DATE: Tuesday 16 August 2016
KEYWORDS: Company Law, Living in New Zealand, Residency Director, Companies Act, Re Carr

A recent case clarifies the definition of "living in New Zealand" for determining the residency of a director for company law purposes.

Resident Land Withholding Tax – Update

DATE: Friday 15 July 2016
KEYWORDS: Property, Tax, Resident Land Withholding Tax, Offshore Resident Land Withholding Tax Person

All non-New Zealand citizens or residents who bought property after 1 October 2015 and sold the property within 2 years will be subject to RLWT.

Visit to China as Chair of the Dunedin Shanghai Association

DATE: Thursday 7 July 2016
KEYWORDS: Dunedin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, DBA, Jiaotong University, Otago

Teresa Chan visited Shanghai, Qingyuan and Guangzhou as part of Dunedin City's delegation in June 2016.

Residential Land Withholding Tax to Come in to Apply from 1 July 2016

DATE: Tuesday 14 June 2016
KEYWORDS: Property, Tax, Resident Land Withholding Tax, Offshore Person

This tax regime targets short-term gains from sales of properties by non-New Zealand citizens and residents, and certain NZ residents and citizens. Find out if it affects you.

Have foreign buyers been driving up house prices in New Zealand?

DATE: Thursday 12 May 2016
KEYWORDS: House Prices, Trends, Overseas Buyers, Residency

Who have been buying properties in NZ?

Concert held at Student Flats “A Tragic Decision”

DATE: Wednesday 13 April 2016
KEYWORDS: risks, consequences, good lawyer

A recent tragedy shows that a responsible event organiser should consider certain risks and consequences. A good lawyer plays a similar role.

Health and Safety – Major Law Reform

DATE: Monday 22 February 2016
KEYWORDS: health, safety, landlord, tenant, obligations

What is the fundamental shift in thinking in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015?

Visas for doing Business in New Zealand

DATE: Friday 13 November 2015
KEYWORDS: visa, business, visitors, essential skills, work visa, employment

What Visa do you need to apply for to do business in New Zealand?

Tax Information Required for Property Contracts after 1 October 2015

DATE: Thursday 8 October 2015
KEYWORDS: tax, IRD, property, settlement, natural persons

New changes afoot for buyers and sellers of proeprty in NZ

New Zealand ahead in equity crowd funding

DATE: Thursday 20 August 2015
KEYWORDS: equity crowd funding, capital, investors, investments, intermediary

Unlike most of western world, New Zealand now has specialised rules to cover equity crowd funding

Changes to New Zealand Company requirements affect non-residents

DATE: Sunday 26 July 2015
KEYWORDS: tax resident, address, company, director, illegal,

How is New Zealand making it harder for companies to be used by overseas persons for illegal activities?

Auckland property market brings new laws for all of New Zealand

DATE: Friday 12 June 2015
KEYWORDS: non-residents, New Zealanders, IRD Number, Auckland, China, property

What measures are the New Zealand Government taking to deal with rising property prices?

What would happen if I buy a house without a building report or a LIM?

DATE: Friday 15 May 2015
KEYWORDS: property, LIM, building, builder's report, insurance, disputes, consent

"Buyer Beware" - it pays to find out all you can when buying a home

Who can make a claim against your Estate

DATE: Thursday 9 April 2015
KEYWORDS: Will, estate, child, children, partner, spouse, litigation

What you need to consider when creating a Will if people feel they may have a claim on your Estate

How to resolve partnership or shareholders dispute

DATE: Thursday 9 April 2015
KEYWORDS: partnership, agreement, company, roles

Having an Agreement in place between partners or shareholders will provide a fair process to both sides.

Restraint of Trade in Employment and Business

DATE: Friday 20 February 2015
KEYWORDS: restraint, restraint of trade, protect, ownership, client

Having a reasonable restraint of trade in place for the best protection for you as an employee or seller

Dunedin Shanghai Association property law section ADLS