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B2M Business Insights: Two interviews about China

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Understanding and Interacting with Chinese Entrepreneurs https://goo.gl/a6FHSq

Ceci He talks about her PhD thesis on how Chinese Entrepreneurs do business. The two main factors are networks (Guanxi) and institutions. Personal networks are far more important than business networks. You must develop a close personal relationship before you start talking business. Trust is the foundation. Institutions vary by region and China is very diverse. Be open and honest and show respect. Understand their problems. Plans do not have to be detailed. Vision and intent are important.


Opportunities for New Zealand in China's "New Normal" https://goo.gl/Y46Pxs

According to Professor Peter Williamson from Cambridge University, China’s “New Normal” presents huge opportunities for countries like NZ. China’s growth rate of 7% is sustainable and it is now #2 in the world. There is strong interest in all types of renewable energy needed to sustain growth. China’s revolution in e-commerce and social media make selling niche products very attractive. They can scale very quickly, but there must be benefits for both parties. “Friendship first, business second”.

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