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What does the new Trusts Act mean for you?

DATE: Friday 11 September 2020
KEYWORDS: Trusts Act 2019, new Trusts Act, beneficiaries’ right to information, investment duty, limitation of liability, incapacitated trustees

The Trusts Act 2019 will come into force on 30 January 2021. A new set of rules will apply to all Trusts and Estates.
Here are some of the implications.

Change to Overseas Investment Act Due to Covid-19 – What You Need to Know

DATE: Monday 8 June 2020
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment, Covid 19, national interest, strategic assets

What is in New Zealand’s national interest? Here are the urgent measures which became law after Covid 19 in order to protect our national interest.

Click the link to this Newsroom Article - Tracking Overseas Investment in Rural Land

DATE: Wednesday 18 December 2019
KEYWORDS: Overseas investment, rural land, overseas buyers, farm land

With changes to overseas investment legislation on the horizon again, Bell Gully special counsel Glenn Shewan and partner Andrew Petersen examine what has happened to investment in rural land under the current rules and what may change with the latest proposals.

Overseas Investment Changes- Who can buy residential properties in NZ?

DATE: Thursday 11 October 2018
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment Office, OIO, Overseas Amendment Act 2018, NZ residents, citizen

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has finally released details of how they will apply the Overseas Amendment Act 2018.

Overseas Investment Changes- Who can buy residential properties in NZ?
Diagram Source: Overseas Investment Office, NZ Law Society webinar – Changes that Affect Every Conveyancer – Overseas Inve
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New exemptions available for Overseas Investors to buy residential properties

DATE: Friday 24 August 2018
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment, Overseas Buyers, Residential properties, Investment

The wide window for Overseas Buyers to buy Residential Properties in NZ will narrow significantly after October 2018. However, the latest amendments introduced some new exemptions.

Will Foreign Buyers be able to buy residential properties in New Zealand?

DATE: Tuesday 14 November 2017
KEYWORDS: Overseas Investment Act, dwellings, resident, citizen, Overseas Person

What will the new changes to the Overseas Investment Act mean for foreign buyers?

New Zealand ahead in equity crowd funding

DATE: Thursday 20 August 2015
KEYWORDS: equity crowd funding, capital, investors, investments, intermediary

Unlike most of western world, New Zealand now has specialised rules to cover equity crowd funding

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