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What to consider before applying for the 2021 Resident Visa.

DATE: Friday 4 February 2022
KEYWORDS: Immigration, 2021 Resident visa, 2021 Interim visa, Specific Purpose Work visa, General Interim visa, Employment.

If you are thinking of applying for the 2021 Resident Visa, you may wish to consider applying for a new temporary visa. Here is why

How do you bring critical workers into NZ?

DATE: Tuesday 9 March 2021
KEYWORDS: Critical workers, entry to NZ, critical purpose work visa, request for critical worker exception.

We have been looking into the question of getting into New Zealand long term critical workers for a company client. I am mindful that there may be some misunderstanding as to how the process works.

Relaxing Visa Conditions - Immigration NZ, Settlement ACTIONNZ

DATE: Thursday 16 April 2020
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Alert Level, Visa,

Planning for the next phase

Short Window to Residency

DATE: Thursday 20 February 2020
KEYWORDS: WTR, Long Term Skill Short List Work Visa

A window for pathway to New Zealand residency: Work to Residency (“WTR”), Long Term Skill Short List Work Visa

Work Visa Changes - Detailed Implications for Employers

DATE: Wednesday 11 December 2019
KEYWORDS: Work Visa changes, Work to Residency, Labour Market Test, Partners of Workers, Accreditation Fees

Here is our analysis of what the changes will really mean for employers

Government proposed a new regime for Work Visas

DATE: Friday 26 April 2019
KEYWORDS: Employer-gate Job-gate Migrant-gate work visa migrant ANZSCO employer pathway

The Government is considering feedback for a new regime for dealing with works visas so as to simplify the immigration system by reducing the number of pathways for the work visas.

Partnership Visa - How to apply for

DATE: Wednesday 7 November 2018
KEYWORDS: Partnership visa applications

How do I apply for a partnership visa?

Can you do any work under a Visitor’s Visa?

DATE: Wednesday 7 March 2018
KEYWORDS: work visa, visitor, business visitor,

On a Visitor Visa you are not allowed to work during your visit - what constitutes "work"?

Job Description Critical for Work Visa and Residency Applications

DATE: Tuesday 15 August 2017
KEYWORDS: job description, Immigration, employee visa

Not having the correct job description for an overseas employee can affect employers and employees credibility to Immigration NZ

Talk on South Island Contribution Visa

DATE: Thursday 6 July 2017
KEYWORDS: South Island Contribution Visa, Recent Work Visa Changes

Teresa gave a talk regarding upcoming Immigration changes

South Island Contribution Visa

DATE: Tuesday 23 May 2017
KEYWORDS: South Island Contribution Visa, Essential Skills Work Visa, Insufficient English, Residence, lower-skilled occupation.

You may be eligible for a one-off pathway to residency if you are a migrant worker who has been living in the South Island for more than 5 years

Visas for doing Business in New Zealand

DATE: Friday 13 November 2015
KEYWORDS: visa, business, visitors, essential skills, work visa, employment

What Visa do you need to apply for to do business in New Zealand?

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